Family Room Inspirations

By: Dawn | June 07, 2017

Don't underestimate the impact that curtains have in a room!

Check out this video for ideas.

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By: Dawn | May 31, 2017

Hi, guys!

I apologize for the brief absence. Projects are coming left and right. Happily busy!

Anyway, I am sharing some random ideas that you may want to consider for your family room.

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By: Dawn | April 30, 2017

Yes, it is not called a game room for nothing!

Have you thought about what games to feature in your room? It actually really depends on the interest of the family members, specifically as a group.

Here are some ideas:

  • A game table is a great focal piece for a family game room. It is also ideal because most table games can be played regardless of age, gender, or size. Pool and foosball are some of the best options. Table tennis is also good choice, especially for limited spaces because most of these tables are collapsible and movable.
  • During times that you are in the mood for a more laidback activity, board games are also fun to have. You can opt for strategic games like Ticket to Ride or Carcassonne, or classics such as chess and Boggle...

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By: Dawn | April 07, 2017

When it comes to fixing any room, we commonly think about furniture and other stuff that we move around.

Have you ever thought about maximizing the function of your walls? Yes, they can do more than just hanging frames. Consider the following:

  • Family Travel Map
If your family loves to travel, this is perfect for you. Have a world or US map painted on the wall. Use magnetic paint directly on the wall or on a large corkboard so you can mark the places that your family has been.

  • Custom Photo Mural
You can personalize your wall by turning a photograph into a removable fabric wallpaper. Do your research and you will find companies that do this.

  • Projection Wall
Love movie night? There is such a thing as projection paint that you can cover a wall with. Y...

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